• Case Dismissed Federal Child Exploitation Charges

    The United States Department of Justice charged client with enticement of a minor and possession of child pornography. The federal government indicated they were going to add additional charges of production of child pornography. Client was facing life in prison. Keith & Lorfing uncovered a constitutional violation of client’s rights and moved to dismiss the case. The government reviewed the evidence found by Keith & Lorfing and agreed that his client’s fifth amendment rights had been violated. The case was DISMISSED on all counts and the client walked out of jail a free man.

  • Charges Reduced Federal Child Exploitation Charges

    The United States government arrested client based on multiple allegations of child exploitation. His guidelines on the charged offenses was more than ten years in federal prison and would have required him to register as a sex offender. Mr. Lorfing, however, was able to get the charges REDUCED. Client was not required to register as a sex offender and he received a sentence of only 18 months.

  • Case Dismissed Felony Endangerment to a Child

    Client was accused of harming his young child but the client maintained his innocence. Because of his prior criminal record, he was looking at years in prison. A few days before trial, all counts against him were DISMISSED.

  • Case Dismissed Aggravated Assault Causing Serious Bodily Injury

    Client was accused of stabbing his girlfriend with a knife. He was arrested and charged with a second- degree felony. Knowing he was potentially facing life in prison, client and his family retained the services of Keith & Lorfing . Russell Lorfing fought for his client early on in the process and was able to get the case DISMISSED.

  • Deferred Probation Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    Client had previously been convicted of six felony offenses. The state had charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and client was facing up to life in prison based on several enhancements. The plea offer from the state was 25 years in prison. With the help of Keith & Lorfing, the client was able to get clean and ultimately received five years DEFERRED PROBATION.

  • Case Closed Child Abuse

    CPS was investigating client for child abuse. Mr. Lorfing flew to Houston and met with the CPS case worker and was present during all interviews of the family. He zealously represented his client’s interest during their investigation. As a result, the CPS case was CLOSED.

  • Great Outcome Federal Bank Fraud
    The United States government accused client of a complex check kiting scheme. She faced a maximum sentence of thirty years in prison. Keith & Lorfing was able to prove that his client’s role in the scheme was limited and she was only a minor participant. As a result, client received a REDUCED sentence.
  • Charges Reduced Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana

    The United States Department of Justice charged client with multiple felony offenses, including conspiracy, possession of firearms by a previously convicted felon, using firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking, and distribution of large amounts of marijuana. As charged, client’s guideline sentence was a little over twenty years in federal prison. Despite client’s full confession and refusal to cooperate with law enforcement, Mr. Lorfing was able to secure a plea to a REDUCED charge. The plea deal guaranteed his client would receive no more than five years in prison.

  • Charges Rejected Solicitation of a Minor

    Client was accused of attempting to solicit a minor for a sexual relationship. Client was 30 years older than the alleged victim. Mr. Lorfing was hired early on in the process and the charges were REJECTED for prosecution by state authorities.

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